WHO QUALIFIES Any non-profit organization over 50+ members with a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt number, recognized by the government as a non-profit organization (or other authorized group). For more information about 501(c)(3) tax status, please visit STEPS OF ACTION 1. Complete a Spirit Day request form to select a Monday or Tuesday for your event. 2. We will send you an email to finalize the plans for your event. A fundraising event flyer will be created with all of the details specific to your organization. 3. Promote it! Send emails, make posters, post to social media and handout flyers to your friends! But remember- no passing out flyers on SKK’s premises on the day of the event. 4. Your organization will receive 20% of each sale (not including gift card purchases) when your flyer is presented to a server. Each separate check requires a flyer. 5. Your donation check will arrive 2 to 4 weeks after the event date. EVENT DATE Spirit days are available on Mondays & Tuesdays throughout the year on a first come, first serve basis. Complete a request form and turn it in to book yours! HOW IT WORKS Your organization is responsible for advertising your event by handing out flyers, hanging posters, posting to social media sites, emailing and spreading the word to family and friends in whatever way you can! • On the day of the event, guests must present a physical (not electronic) flyer to their server with their purchase in order for your organization to receive credit. The flyer must be the approved version SKK provides you to promote the event. • Flyers should not be distributed inside the restaurant, at the door, or in the parking lot. In the event that this does happen, SKK will ask the individual(s) to stop and the event may be subject to cancellation. TIPS FOR SUCCESS • Put a flyer in your organization’s newsletter and on your marquee. • Announce your Spirit Day on your organization’s website and include a link to the PDF of the flyer. • Send emails to family and friends with the PDF of the flyer attached. • Try to get placement in your local newspaper. • Share the flyer on social media sites including your organization’s social media profiles. DONATION AMOUNT For each flyer given to an SKK employee, a receipt will be stapled to the flyer for donation calculation. After the event, each subtotal will be added together to get a total amount in event sales. Your organization will receive 20% of the event sales, up to $500. Gift card purchases during the Spirit Day do not apply to the total. Subtotal is prior to sales tax.
* Required

This submission is only a request for an event. A SKK representative will contact you within 5-7 business days to discuss the status of your request. The organization will be awarded up to $500 of the 20% of sales from your group. Flyers must be presented to the server to count towards your group sales. One flyer per check (separate checks at the same table require more than one flyer.) Flyers may not be distributed inside the restaurant, by the door or in the parking lot. SKK reserves the right to cancel all fundraising events for any reason and/or withhold payment of donation funds if guidelines are not followed. Your submission of this request confirms you agree to these terms.



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